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RetroShare is a free, open source, cross-platform, secure, decentralized communication platform.

Features include chat, file-sharing, messages, forums and channels which are encrypted by 2,048-bit SSL keys.

The network is serverless which means without any dependencies on central servers or companies like Facebook, Yahoo!, MSN or Google. It's called a friend-to-friend (F2F) network where you connect directly and privately with your friends.

RetroShare users become "friends" by exchanging PGP certificates (keys). Connections are then made using BitTorrent's Distributed Hash Table (DHT), a "Discovery" service in the F2F network or a Dynamic DNS service to locate your contacts.

The RetroShare Chat Server provides a web page interface where new users can make "friends" with your chat server. Once keys have been exchanged they will automatically be able to connect to your network and access the chat lobby. If you are interested in hosting a chat server, the RetroShare Chat Server Live CD provides a compiled chat server running on a Debian GNU/Linux operating system. Instructions are included which will show you how to host a public or private chat server on the internet for free.


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